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With our products, your customers can manage more than just their heating. They can control smart devices like lighting or smoke sensors, or use voice commands to tell their smart thermostat what to do. Here are the awesome product integrations, making your customers’ lives easier, smarter and more comfortable.


Interpolis ThuisWacht

With Interpolis ThuisWacht, your home is always safe. The camera and alarm system uses door- and window sensors to ensure you have no unwanted visitors. The camera can be controlled from your home display, or the app.

Philips Hue

Add a little ambiance to your home, by controlling Philips Hue lighting with Toon. Lights on. Let’s get creative.


Fibaro is known for their wide range of state of the art, useful and interconnected smart home products. Connect our products to Fibaro's smoke sensors and receive an alert through the Toon app when something is amiss.


Smart Plugs

Find out exactly how much energy your appliances are using with the smart plugs from our list below, and control them on the go. Or simply use the TKB Home TZ68G plug to turn your appliances on and off at any time, from anywhere.

  • Aeotec Smart Switch Gen5 (ZW075)

  • Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096)

  • BeNext Energy Switch Plus

  • Everspring AN158

  • Everspring AN180/AN181

  • Fibaro FGWPF-101 / FGWPF-102 / FGWPF-102 (ZW5)

  • Neo Coolcam Smart Power Plug (NAS-WR01Z)

  • Qubino Smart Plug 16A


“When I leave the house, put Toon on Away.” “When the sun has set, turn all smart plug devices off.” These are just some of the triggs that the Olisto app provides in combination with Toon. Create your own triggs to enjoy your smart home to the fullest.

Amazon Alexa

Control Toon without raising a finger by voicing your wishes to Amazon’s intelligent assistant Alexa, which works with Toon through Olisto. Changing your home’s temperature is now easier than ever.


Drebbl app

Why heat your house when nobody's home? The Drebbl thermopilot learns how you move about and uses algorithms that go beyond simple geo-fencing. This way, it can turn down the heating as soon as the last person heads out, and turn it back up just in time to give the first person to arrive a warm welcome. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Athom Homey

Give Toon instructions by simply speaking to Homey. With Homey, Toon can even connect to hundreds of thousands of other smart devices. The possibilities are endless.