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The way we use products and how we interact with providers is changing. Consumers are generating their own energy and making their homes smarter. They expect services to fit their changing needs in handling every-day challenges. Meanwhile, as a business you want to generate steady income and cross- and up-sell new services to your customers.  

We get this - which is why we provide a menu of our products and services that enable consumers to control the efficiency, comfort and to safety of their homes. All that's left for you to do is mix and match the best propositions to fit your companies’ and your customers’ changing needs.


An Efficient Home

Give your customers the peace of mind that they are not wasting resources, financially and environmentally.

Gas and energy insights

Real-time energy and gas usage from high frequency data, adding up to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly overview.



Full clarity on how solar panels contribute to a household's energy needs, buy giving insight into their electricity generation.


Waste checker

Our patent-pending algorithms calculate appliance-level usage insights and translate them to personalized tips to improve energy and cost efficiency.


Water insights

Gives grip on water usage, detects everything from too long hot showers to water leakages.

Bill Breakdown

App only solutions

We can create your custom branded app. You can use this app as the state of the art touchpoint your products and services deserve and increase your user engagement too.


A Comfortable & Trusted Home

Comfortable - because maximal home comfort should be achieved with minimal effort.
And trusted - because your customers want to know their homes and loved ones are safe and sound.

Air quality

Air quality

Our display has state of the art air quality sensors, enabling service providers to help consumers improve the health and comfort of homes with personalized and user-friendly tips.

Toon Home

Smart Thermostat

Our home display, the smart home hub that hangs on over 350.000 walls. This is your gateway to smart thermostat functionalities, energy and gas insights, and much more.


Zone regulation

Smart thermostatic radiator valves enable the system to control the heating differently per room.


Works with

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Boiler check

Boiler monitoring

The boiler monitoring function links consumers to installers, by letting them know when it's time for maintenance, or if they need to plan a repair.


Home security system

Our home security system has customers checking in on their homes’ and families’ safety real-time, via the app. Sensors alert them when someone is trying to get in, the camera makes sure burglars are caught red-handed and smart key chains confirm that family members are home safe.


Can't find what you're looking for?

Don't worry - we customise everything we do, and our menu is assembled to give you an idea of what's possible. Contact us with your particular challenge and we'll show you what we can do to help you tackle it.