Our partners

With Toon, we have helped our customers to get more insights about their energy footprint and the levers to reduce their energy consumption.
— Joaquin Fernandez-Caro, Head of Innovation at Repsol Energy and Gas

Quby & utility companies

Utility companies across Europe enjoy the competitive edge Toon gives them. Since our first partnership with Eneco, we have gone into business with Engie and Repsol.

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Quby & insurance companies

Quby is not only transforming the energy market. Recently, we've partnered up with insurance company Interpolis to conquer the home security domain.


Quby & third party manufacturers

Quby's display connects many smart devices, which can be controlled on the go. Receive an alert when smoke is detected or create personalized triggs that make your home work for you. These are just some of the many ways in which Quby empowers its customers.


Quby & API

Quby invites developers across the world to develop new and exciting features for our technology platform using the Toon API. Everyone, whether you’re an individual develop or a corporate partner, is welcome to create new services using existing Toon data and functionalities.