Our technology

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You probably know Toon as a smart thermostat. But, Toon is so much more. The display functions as a smart home platform. Toon gives you insight into your consumption and offers smart services that help you keep your utility bills in check. Our ThuisWacht security technology helps you keeping an eye on your house, when you are away. And with the Toon-app, you control your heating, lighting, smoke detectors and smart plugs on the go. Your home, the way you like it.

On the toon.eu website you can find out more about our newest display.

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Home comfort

With Toon’s thermostat function, you can adjust your preferences (At home, Sleep, Comfort & Away) and program a weekly schedule. You can also set the temperature manually. 

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Energy insight

With Toon, you get real-time detailed insight into your energy and gas consumption. Toon even tells you which appliances waste the most energy and helps you make your home more energy efficient.

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Smart home

Connect smart devices to Toon such as smoke detectors, smart plugs, lighting, and even your solar panels. Set personalized triggs with the Triggi app and enjoy the many benefits of smart living


Remote control

Use the Toon app on your tablet or smart phone to control your home on the go.

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Other functions

With Toon, you can also check real time weather information, get notified if your boiler malfunctions, personalize your home screen and much more...