Our passionate, diverse and international team shares one focus: delivering a great product. Together, we work hard to create smarter solutions for homes and offices across Europe. But who exactly are these ambitious experts? And how do they help Quby move forward? Here are just a few of Quby's 150 great minds.

This section will contain interviews with our staff. Click on Maria's name below her picture to go to her interview. 


Dick van Driel


“Quby is not really about hardware or software; it’s about developing engaging solutions & experiences, seducing the customers of our clients to embrace sustainability.”


Yme Bosma


“I got involved in this industry because of my personal interest in the kind of products and technologies Quby is working on; as the CPO it is fantastic to be responsible for the things that my family is also using on a daily basis.”


Mark Verhoeven


“As CFO I really enjoy working together with our colleagues from different cultures and nationalities in creating value for our customers with relevant solutions in home services”


Wicher de Groot


"At Quby we deliver the tools to utilities and insurers to lead in the transition from commodity to services. Scaling new business models throughout Europe with my team, backed by our awardwinning datascience- and tech teams, is what makes me tick."


Jorrit van der Laan


“Everyday we try to make the world a bit brighter and more sustainable. As COO I have a team of highly skilled people that create and run the solutions that make this happen.”


Juan Morales

Infra team

"Being obsessed with automation since my early career, my mission is to speed things up and make chores vanish from our pipelines.


Kai Stevens


“As a Product Owner, I focus on maximising value for our Toon end users by making sure we do the right things.”

Ingrid - website.jpg

Ingrid van Oort

HR team

"As HR Officer I will help you get started at Quby and support you during your path and time here at our company. I'm the person you and management can come to for HR related issues or questions."


Bas Pleune

Sales team

“Quby and our products are too cool to stay only in a few countries. As part of the international sales team, I help spread the word and close deals.”


Hayad Ibrahim

Design team

"I love talking to Toon users about their experience with the most awesome thermostat alive! I make sure software is being tested and Toon users are being heard."


Stephen Galsworthy

Data Science team

"As Head of Data Science, I'm responsible for the algorithms that power the data driven services we provide to Toon users and our utility partners."


Igor Brčić

Customer Operations team

"We are ready to conquer the rest of the world on an operational level. With passion and knowledge, we serve and help our customers."


Stanislava Potupchik

Scrum team

“The passion I have in life is to trigger people to move so that they make the world go round. Asking questions and challenging assumptions are my best friends.”


Customer Operations team (Spain)

"The coolest thing I'm working on is creating a new market. When you move to a new market, there’s this new culture and way of working to which you have to adapt."