Open system

Hi, it is nice to see that you like our product so much that you want to do even more with it. You can take a look at, that might serve you.

In the past, we facilitated root access to your Toon upon request. However, we’ve decided to stop doing this. Here’s some of the many reasons why:

  • Rooting displays made it impossible to revert them to the original connected product. By doing so, all guarantees and support were wavered. Now that Toon is being included in service and rental propositions more and more, we want to ensure that we can give all our devices out there the proper support and maintenance.

  • People can harm their devices by rooting them, for instance by installing applications that don’t respect the hardware. In some cases, this may create a safety risk, when the balanced power consumption of the hardware is over-ruled by your own processes.

  • If rooted Toons were re-sold, we fear less technically inclined consumers might accidentally end up with a device that has malicious software.

Don’t get us wrong, we still applaud your adventurous spirit! Try using our open API instead.

Game on! :)