On watch for water

Engaging customers with insights on water usage and drought


Every year, Europe uses billions of litres of fresh water for drinking, manufacturing, farming, leisure, heating and cooling and more. Climate change, population growth and urbanisation are stretching European water supplies. In a Dutch news item, water companies express their concerns (watch the short video here, NL). How can we get a grip on this? 

Last year's drought has dramatically impacted Dutch homes and nature areas. Together with Dutch water companies, we are actively looking for a way to create more engagement with customers and innovate the water market.

Knowledge is power

In countries where water is scarce or expensive, insights into water usage and wastage are especially useful to both consumers as well as water companies. Toon and boxx are made suitable to provide these water insights.

In Belgium, where water is up to 6 times more expensive than in the Netherlands, the value case for customers was evident: boxx users were eager to get water insights. Since the start of this year, water insights are available to all boxx users.

Added value in sight!

For companies, opportunities include upsell, added services and better insights into water usage during periods of drought. The coming months, Quby will test the water insight module to examine the added value for Dutch customers. The pilot will take place in 200 Dutch homes. We’ll keep you posted!

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International Deployment Manager

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