Quby Hackathon 2019

Prototyping for the win

A few weeks ago, Quby hosted a company-wide Hackathon. And while the winners (including yours truly) are still riding their winning high, we can’t wait to show off the ideas that Qubists have hacked. Let’s give you an impression of how 11 teams prototyped their most inventive, scalable, ground-breaking ideas and pitched them to both colleagues and business partners alike, within 48 hours. Without further ado; these were the winning ideas:

3rd Place: team Sparq


Team SparQ used gamification to experiment with connecting people to each other, based on energy usage, and challenge them to a little competition. This drives more efficient energy usage, while increasing the fun! We imagine it could be added to one of our apps as a game to play.

2nd Place: team ‘Make Homes Great Again’

Team Make Homes Great Again.jpg

As Kermit the Frog from Sesame street once sang; “It's not easy being green”. Users have the will to be more durable, but where to start? Hackathon team 'Make Homes Great Again' explored an in-app tool that uses our data lake to assess your specific home and give personalised advice for making your home more sustainable. Their idea was so convincing, they ended up in second place and won two partner prizes, from Spanish energy company Repsol and Dutch Insurer Interpolis. Because this idea fits in so well with Quby’s other solutions, we’re currently preparing pitches to offer the actual development of such a tool.

1st Place: team Qbnb


As the writer of this article, I’m proud to say that I was part of the team that won first place. Our name? Team Qbnb. Our game? We changed the game for people renting out their homes via platforms such as Airbnb and their guests.

We prototyped a ‘Host protocol’ for both display and app. When the host activates the protocol, they can set limits for controlling the homes’ smart home devices and thermostat. Also, the display turns into a nifty tool for guests to check in, explore the home and house rules, get tips about the area and a step-by-step guide for checking out. In the meanwhile, the host gets notified in case of misuse of their home and receives a report at the end of the stay with insights on the guest’s energy use and more.

Airbnb has been criticized a lot lately, but that hasn’t kept millions of people across Europe from using the platform, either as a guest or a host. Airbnb is obviously fulfilling a prominent consumer need. So instead of banning the beloved platform because it can cause inconvenience, why not solve those problems by implementing Quby’s existing solution in a whole new way? Now, that’s thinking outside of the ‘boxx’…

Qubist’s favourite: team Personal Powerplant

Team Personal Powerplant.jpg

Quby also voted for their own favourite Hackathon team: Team Personal Powerplant. More and more people are generating their own energy. Storing and managing the supply and demand of energy by yourself is a real hassle. And most parties that do it for you, take a margin for themselves in one way or another. Turn your home into a powerplant with the prototype by Team Personal Powerplant. A special thanks to Arne Knottnetrus from Peeeks, who helped the team test a new tool that utilities could start offering home owners.

It’s truly impressive to see what Quby can do with 48 hours, a competitive mission and loads of creative freedom. Keep in mind that next time you’re struggling with finding a solution for one of your organisation’s problems – we’re happy, willing and able to help.


 Written by Amy de Greef

Brand & Communications Specialist

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-de-greef-b6758b148/