Features of the Future: Solar

Shine some light with Solar insights 


The amount of home owners investing in solar panels is increasing - and this changes their relationship with energy providers. So, what can providers do to keep engagement up for customers already generating their own energy?

Between 2016 and 2018, solar panel production in the Netherlands soared [source]. Customers buy solar panels for sustainability or financial reasons. Whatever it may be, consumers wonder if they’ve made the right investment. 

Toon and boxx keep track of the total yield of the panels over time, which shows the consumer when they have reached a return on investment. With Toon and boxx Solar, users know precisely how much money they save and how much of their energy usage is covered by solar power. Toon Solar currently has 15,000 users in the Netherlands, boxx Solar serves 3,000 customers in Belgium and recently a pilot has been started in Spain.

The future is bright!

Solar panels are continuously monitored, consumers, installers and providers will be able to tell when a panel is not working. Monitoring makes leasing panels a more attractive option as well. Besides, Solar (combined with car- and home batteries) is an essential ingredient for Demand Side Management. Monitoring solar production makes it easier to balance the grid.

Speaking of which. Check out the next article about Near Real-time Forecasting for balancing demand and supply on the grid.


Written by Arnoud Snijder
Lead Product at Quby

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnoud-s-b9b2814/