Rallying users for business success

Users nowadays are experts in the tools and technologies that companies hope to sell; even a 3-year-old can navigate an iPad. So, an imperfect User Experience (UX)  design stands out more than a perfect one.

So, how to make sure UX design is top notch?

User behavior is partially quantifiable, tracking click data to find out how users navigate an app, for example. But behavior does not equate experience. So besides quantifying, at Quby we invite our users to share their experiences by taking part in our user panel.

 The user panel is a group of diverse customers, from tech savvy fanatics to occasional users, participating in a variety of researches, to improve our products and services. We use the outcomes to solve minor bugs, spot big opportunities and everything in between.

Panel members share their experiences by joining researches, share findings with us directly or use the dedicated panel forum. Our researchers listen, analyse and then advocate the user needs to the entire company.

How design influences business success

Good ideas don’t sell if they’re difficult to use. A better UX design increases ratings and customer engagement. And on a wider level, it increases customer satisfaction: your product is used often and means something to your customer. Take this example: you can argue that it was user experience, not technology, that defined Apple’s success in their market. Apple wasn’t the first to introduce a portable music player – they just made it easier to use, skyrocketing the iPod to market domination. And, making their customers loyal users and brand advocates in the process.

Help us recruit more panelists – so we can make a better product

Panelists get to test different products, see the newest functions and think along about innovative concepts.

We are always looking for more participants. You can sign up here or share this link with your friends and family to help us get more panelists: gebruikers.toon.eu

Want to start an experiment with us?

Do you have a question about our UX or design, or a burning user question that prompts an experiment? Contact our UX team at gebruikerspanel@quby.com.

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