Quby’s ambitions for 2019

At the beginning of every new year, we like to take a moment to look forward; what do we want to achieve this year?

The energy transition is no longer new. We see prosumers all around us, becoming energy suppliers themselves. Government regulations are pushing for more sustainability solutions and new subsidies are popping up every year. Energy storage is rapidly evolving. Technologies like heat pumps and all-electric cars are changing the energy infrastructure, as well as the comeback of district heating and other ecosystem convergences. IoT makes it possible to automate more aspects of the home and control these by simply saying a few words. But at the same time, consumers are cautious of privacy matters, and cyber threats are becoming more common. The world around us is changing faster than ever, so the time for careful exploration is over. It has become critical for commodity suppliers to hitch on capabilities to innovate– and moreover, to do innovation well.  

Quby offers businesses the capabilities and experience to transform, in a time where transformation has never been more relevant. Find out how and in which domains we aim to help businesses leap forward in 2019.

Aspirations 2019

In 2019, we will focus our development capabilities on three domains: the comfortable home, the trusted home and the efficient home. Below more deliberation on these three: 

Comfortable home

We offer technological solutions and smart services catered to people's in-home needs. In our comfortable home, your customers can sit back and let their home do the work.

Our thermostat has long been the centrepiece of our services. In 2019, we will go beyond the thermostat. Keeping what is loved by many, and adding products and services that fit the new home. Here’ some of the things we aspire to do:

  • Improve on the small, but essential, parts of our display and our thermostatic functions, by keeping a close eye on consumer feedback. For example, we want to add the ‘Today as Sunday’ function, as requested by our end-users.

  • Integrate voice control, such as Google Home and Alexa.

  • Launch Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (sTRVs) after last year’s successful testing with our German prospects.

  • Connect our display and app services to heat pumps and district heating, so consumers can use our display regardless of their heating source.

  • Explore options for Electric Vehicle charging and PV storage. For example, by integrating electric vehicles charges into our apps and display.

Trusted home

Everybody dislikes coming home to find something wrong, whether it’s a break-in, a fire, or a pipe leak. This is why our data services help businesses provide their customers with a feeling of security and trust in their home. We achieve this by offering services like our security solution, boiler monitoring and leakage detection.

Together with insurance company Interpolis, we launched our home security solution last year. But trusted homes go beyond preventing damages, it also touches upon the care industry. Already, Quby has researched assisted living options together with Achmea, the Dutch insurance company of which Interpolis is a part of. Using our data lake and sophisticated data services, we can recognise patterns in behaviour to establish whether someone is awake and okay, or whether something could be wrong.

This year we are ambitious in kickstarting assisted living solutions that help caretakers keep an eye on their loved ones. We also aim for more home security sales with Interpolis, and more collaborations with our current partners to create a trusted home.

Efficient home

Saving energy saves costs. And saving energy saves the planet. Quby has an opportunity to help businesses and consumers to make the transition for a sustainable home. Our mission is to help people use resources efficiently by empowering them to be conscious of their usage and make confident decisions.

In 2019, we will improve on the accessibility of our products. We see a big opportunity in making it easier for consumers who are less involved in sustainability to join this transformative energy journey by providing an engaging energy insights app based on smart meter data.

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