Research: with security technology in house, a third of Dutch people feel more at ease on vacation

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Summary: research by Interpolis Holiday & Safe living:
- 1 out of 5 Dutch citizens worry about home during their vacation.
- Especially people between 25 and 35 worry during their vacation.
- Half of Dutch citizens think their worries about home are a good reason to stay at home.

Tilburg, - Almost a third of Dutch people feel more at ease during their vacation by installing a camera to check in on the house. This was concluded from a research 'Holiday & Safe living' conducted by Motivaction for Interpolis, during the summer holidays. Although trust in modern living is increasing, two-thirds of Dutch people still ask their neighbours for help during the holidays. People until 25 years old have more trust (39%) in modern security technologies than people over 55 (24%).

Lack of knowledge and control

One in 5 Dutch citizens worries about the safety of their house when they're on vacation. This is primarily because of a lack on control and lack of knowing what is going on in the house. Top 5 causes of worry are: 1. Not sure what is happening in house and lack of control (60%) 2. Media stories with mishaps (26%) 3. Increased break-ins in the neighbourhood (22%) 4. Personal tendency to worry (14%) 5. Feel like living in an unsafe neighbourhood (10%).  

Modern security measures decrease worry  

Especially Dutch people between 25 and 35 years worry during their vacation. This worry can be decreased through modern security measures. Young people tend to take fewer security measures than older people, during holidays, but are more open towards new technologies. 

Translated from original article. Source below.

Translated from original article. Source below.

Watchful neighbours or modern technology?

Trust in modern security technologies is growing. Still, asking the neighbours is the most used security measure. Although only 11 percent of the Dutch installed an alarm, trust in modern security measures is high. For example, 45% trust modern technology and 31% think they will be more at ease when away, if they are able to watch the house through camera technology. After all, the neighbours can't see everything. Among other often-used measures are refraining from posting holiday pictures online and turning lights on and off from a distance - giving the illusion that someone is at home.

ThuisWacht: not just relevant during the holidays

Interpolis want to have more insight into how citizens experience leaving their house, feeling secure. Youri van der Avoird, proposition-manager at Interpolis: “Interpolis wants to use modern techniques to make people feel safer when going on vacation. Safe living and increasing the feeling of domestic security is very important to us. That is why we now have Interpolis ThuisWacht - connected by Toon. We will be adding new products and services to ThuisWacht in the coming time, to provide more control, even when you're away from home for only a short time. Smoke and CO2-alarms, for example, that are connected to your smartphone through ThuisWacht. It ensures that you can have a nice day out, knowing that everything at home is under control. So you can focus on the things in life that are truly important. That is the goal of ThuisWacht."

*source: research Interpolis: Vakantie & Veilig Wonen (N = 1.002), July 2018

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About ThuisWacht

Interpolis and Toon introduced ThuisWacht, the home security system using smart technology by Toon, together. The camera and door- and window-sensors make sure that at a potential break-in, your alarm goes off in the house, and on your phone. The sensors also send you a notification when someone tries to force open the doors and windows. Customers from Interpolis get maximum 7% discount on house insurance and maximum 14% discount on fire and theft insurance from Interpolis when they install the camera.

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