Quby teams up with insurance company Interpolis to protect your home from break-ins

ThuisWacht Toon security pack.jpg

Dutch insurance company Interpolis and Toon are developing a new, smart security package to protect people’s homes. The ThuisWacht service, which translates to ‘Home Guard’, contains a camera, door- and window-sensors and an app that allows home owners to keep an eye on their house from any location. According to research by Interpolis, about a third of Dutch home owners leave their houses feeling unsure about the safety of their property. Besides, 49% of Dutch people worry about leaving valuables in their homes*. With ThuisWacht, Interpolis and Toon want to relieve people from those worries. ThuisWacht is available through insurer Interpolis as a subscription service starting June 25th. Additionally, Interpolis clients receive a discount of 14% on their fire and theft insurance.

Receive a notification on your phone when there’s movement in the house
As soon as movement is detected or if doors and windows are being forced open, you get a notification through the app. You can watch live video recordings from your in-house camera and if necessary alarm your neighbours or the police.

Chantal Vergouw, the Chief Executive Officer at Interpolis, says about ThuisWacht:
“We want our customers to feel at ease when they leave their house. Not just in the summer holiday season, but all the time. That’s why we do all we can to prevent unsafe situations by detecting and stopping threats as soon as possible.”

Collaboration between Interpolis and Toon
ThuisWacht is developed by Interpolis and Toon. The service combines Toon’s smart technology with the service and knowledge from insurer Interpolis. Together they are making Dutch homes smarter, safer and more comfortable.

According to Hans Valk, CEO at Quby, the developer of Toon: “We are continuously developing new smart services, to be used in and around the house. We are thrilled about ThuisWacht because it is the first time that we are expanding our portfolio with home security services.”

Pre-registration for ThuisWacht started 6th of June, find it here. It’s fully available as a subscription service starting the 25th of June.

* Source: research Interpolis: ‘Veilig en Plezierig wonen’, March 2018
** Text sourced and translated from original press release - 6th of June, 2018