Quby and Viesgo announce new partnership to sell Toon in Spain

Today, we are proud to announce a partnership with Spanish energy provider Viesgo. Under this partnership, Viesgo will offer Toon to more than 720,000 customers across Spain beginning Q3 2017, becoming the third market in Europe to offer our solution.

Following success in the Netherlands and Belgium, where over 350,000 households use Toon, we are further expanding into Europe through a new partnership with Viesgo from Spain. The partnership is expected to allow Viesgo, which currently supplies 2.5% of the Spanish market, to increase customer engagement by offering a new opportunity to connect with their consumers.

Toon gently ‘nudges’ the consumer towards smart energy and smart living, providing the foundation for sustainable scalability. The solution also offers detailed insights into energy consumption and helps customers make smarter choices. This aligns closely with Viesgo’s innovative strategy, focused on customer-centered initiatives, such as Viesgo Solar, simplifying and creating easy customer access to PV, and 'Tu oficina online', the first app offering insights into the customer’s real time electricity consumption in euros.

Our CEO, Hans Valk, commented: “We are very proud of this new partnership. Viesgo is an established Spanish brand and has high growth ambitions, known for its innovation and customer service – a perfect match to bring our Toon to market. We believe their large customer base, many of whom are already familiar with smart and connected devices, will find incorporating Toon into their everyday energy planning beneficial.”

Javier Anzola, General Director of Liberalized Markets of Viesgo, added: “We are pleased to offer a great new solution to our customers. We are committed to innovation. With this partnership we pursue the objective of helping our customers to be more efficient as well as helping them connect to the future.”

Just a little over a year ago we expanded beyond the Netherlands and successfully launched our smart energy device in Belgium. Next to multi-market demand this also proved scalability. The partnership with Viesgo has moved us a large step closer to our ambition of serving five major European markets over the next year.

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