Meet a Qubist

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Mitzi - bridging the gap

Team: Energy Efficiency

Role: Product Owner

Age: 29

Working at Quby since: August this year


About Mitzi

I am a very sociable person so I’m always out and about with friends and family. In summer I usually go to festivals to dance. I also love doing game nights – I’m quite competitive. Before I came to work for Quby I traveled to Central America with my boyfriend, then to South America and Antarctica. We purposefully chose to go off the beaten track. The trip to Antarctica meant crossing the roughest sea in the world, the Drake Passage. The waves were huge and definitely not fun, but it was worth it.

What do you do at Quby?

At Quby there are a lot of smart and skilled people building our products and services. And then, there are a lot of stakeholders, clients and users that want new features or improvements to our product. To make sure the team can do their job of building awesome products, you need someone to filter and prioritise all those requirements from stakeholders. Someone that makes sure we’re building the right things to reach our goal. And that’s what I do.

How did you become a PO at Quby?

I never thought I’d work for a tech company. I studied communications (BA) and design management (MA). I wanted to bridge the gap between businesses and designers/creatives. For my first job I worked at a startup, mostly doing online projects for sales promotions. My responsibilities were very diverse, because it was a startup. After a year, we switched to working with Agile/scrum, which is how I got the stamp of product owner. I wanted to work together with the creatives and developers building great products and services and also manage expectations of different stakeholders at the same time. I liked having both in my job. So when I came back from traveling, I posted a message on LinkedIn to make use of my network for finding a new challenge. That’s how I got recruited for Quby.

Can you tell us about the product you are owner of?

My team focuses on services that help the user use energy efficiently. We are currently working on a service called the Waste checker. It can identify the different products that you have in your house from your electricity usage, with great detail. Which already is something supercool. But, it can also tell you if they are energy efficient appliances or not. Then, it goes a step further even and tells you how your usage is. So maybe you have an efficient product, but you use it inefficiently. So it’s really valuable for the user. Especially because it gives tips to improve your usage or appliance. A lot of people don’t know it’s possible to measure this. So I think we should post it on big billboards all around the Netherlands and help everyone be more energy efficient.


"It should be about actions people can take

to be more efficient and with that, make the world a better place.”


What direction would you like to see our company and products go in the future?

Everyone knows we have problems in the world. I would like us to focus on sustainability and making our product future-proof. It shouldn’t be just about insights, but about actions people can take to be more efficient and with that, make the world a better place. Since I got here last August, I’ve already made a difference by putting a new focus on the user. We are at the very beginning of exploring quantitative and qualitative feedback from users. Focusing on that this month has already been an achievement.

Final question - what advice do you give to new Qubists?

Getting on board at Quby was like a fast track train. The first day you jump on and immediately get involved in everything. So I would say, just take it easy. I wanted to get involved immediately, but it can be overwhelming. Everyone kept telling me to take it easy. Don’t panic, but enjoy the chaos.

Thanks, Mitzi, for your amazing vision! Stay tuned for another ‘Meet a Qubist’ soon!