Meet a Qubist

Maria - our Spanish customer whisperer

Team: Customer Operations

Role: Toon support engineer

Age: 39 but in a couple of weeks 40

Working at Quby since: 5-6 months

About Maria

I’m Maria, I come from the North of Spain, a beautiful place called Asturies. I moved to the Netherlands 5 years ago. Since then we’ve been really happy here – we are not thinking of moving back to Spain.

I am a bit of a nerdy person and a big Star Wars fan. I love video games, comics, any kind of Marvel, DC or superhero movie. I have two beautiful pets, my lovely french bulldog Batman (who is a lady) and a cat, Parrochina.


What do you do at Quby?

What I do is making Viesgo, our client in Spain, happy by helping the customer care with their issues. If an end user has trouble with the display or installation, they call the first line customer care in Spain. If théy can’t fix it, they create a ticket for me to solve.

How would you describe Quby?

It’s a superfunny, techy company, where you have a blast for sure. There is a world of difference between the company I worked before and here. I was stressed the whole day. When I started here, at first I was still just as stressed. But everybody kept telling me to take it easy. Now, I still work superhard on making nice things, but at the same time I’m having fun. Keeping that balance is really important.

What gets you out of bed and into work in the morning?

It’s how Quby makes me feel. It’s difficult to be in a different city, but whenever I enter that door it feels like I’m going to have fun somehow. It’s so different from other companies I've worked at. There’s a lot of room to develop yourself and many learning opportunities. You can really trust your colleagues and your managers. At the company I worked before I spent an insane amount of hours being pushed to make the deadlines, no matter how. At Quby I’m always sure I’m going to have fun reaching my goals.

Tell me about your team

It is the best team ever, they are super nice people. I’m so proud of being part of this team. We are quite similar in some aspects, but very different in others. It’s easy to keep the balance between work and fun in the team. If something happens, I know my team is supporting me. interviewpicture.jpg

"Trust the company and your colleagues.

If they choose you, it’s probably because you are a great professional already.


What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Creating a market from scratch. It’s the coolest, but sometimes a bit of a pain, too. Our product is now available in Spain, but we started there only a few months ago. You can develop a tool for one market and it’s perfect, but when you move it to a different country, everything changes. There’s this new culture and way of working to which you have to adapt. Sometimes, this means rethinking and rebuilding from scratch. I like to think it keeps my brain alive..

Everybody at Quby is a Toon user themselves. What features do you like best?

It is nice to be away from home and still be able to control your house. We often go to Spain for vacation and it’s good to keep an eye on everything at home, from controlling the lights to regulating the temperature. Before we got Toon, we were in Spain on vacation for a month. It was snowing back in the Netherlands, so it was incredibly cold. When we came back, we had to wait 6 hours with our coats on before our home was warm enough – even the sofa was too cold to sit on. With Toon this never happens. We simply switch the heating on while we are in the car on our way back.

Final question - what advice do you give to new Qubists?

Just relax! Because, when I joined I spend like 3 weeks trying to do everything perfect from the very beginning. As I’ve said, it’s different here. Just relax, trust the company and your colleagues. If they choose you, it’s probably because you are a great professional already. 

A special thanks to Maria for being so open and honest. Stay tuned for another ‘Meet a Qubist’ soon!