Innovation is in Quby’s DNA. Joris, one of Quby’s co-founders, used to drive his bike through the streets of Bergen, salvaging discarded household appliances for wires and power units. Much to the frustration of his parents, he would then take this material and use them to build a control panel for all electrical devices in his parents’ home. 

Joris turned his tinkering into a profitable business venture, partnering with Arjen Noorbergen. In 2004, Arjen and Joris started Home Automation Europe in the heart of Amsterdam. They developed their first product: the Home Control Box, a central hub that automated household systems. After years of innovation, their focus shifted to smart thermostats. In 2012, a partnership with Eneco resulted in the birth of Toon. Home Automation Europe changed its name to Quby and went on to reached many milestones with their game-changing product - both nationally and internationally.