Meet a Qubist


Hayad - gateway to the user

Team: Efficient home / UX

Role: UX designer

Working at Quby since: February 2016


About Hayad

I live in Rotterdam and in my free time I'm with my family and friends. I'm an introvert; I love art, history and travelling. At Quby, my team and I try to gather all the user needs and translate it towards the company so we can improve the product.

How did you end up working at Quby?

I already worked at Eneco while I was in college studying Communications. I worked at the 'Groen Advies' department at Eneco, talking to customers and doing customer satisfaction research. Since Toon had only just been introduced to the market, it was a new department with a lot of responsibilities. But working at Eneco, there was a gap between gathering all the ideas and suggestions from our end users and working on actually improving the product. At Quby, I knew I would have a more direct influence on the improvement on the product.

What excites you about your work?

I LOVE the Quby culture. You can approach everyone, even the CEO or partners - a world of difference with other companies. If you have a good idea, you get the room to dive into it. And it's diverse too, there's so much to learn from my international colleagues. I made some really good friends here.

Where would you like to see Quby in the future?

I want our product to have the same legacy for the comfortable and smart home as Apple has for computers and smartphones. We have a very unique product - take our live energy insights, for example. I love to watch the little graphs on my display change when I'm doing things around the house. Every time I tell my friends what we do here they ask: how is it possible that this is not in US yet? I don’t think any other company is making people aware with insights like these.

Quby_Hackathon_2019_137 copy.jpg

"At Quby I would

have a more direct influence on the improvement on the product.”


Can you tell us about some of the things that make your team fun?

Well, being in the design team we always have these inspirational sessions and it's always nice to see how creative the team is. Last time we had a session, my colleague made us all do improvised acting. He made us scream and dance and play out strange, imaginary situations! It's all about loosening up and getting out of the usual workflow - you need that in our line of work.

Something else is, with a Quby group we go to France once a year to camp out at the farm of one of Quby's founders. For a tech company, sitting there around the campfire without internet, tech or anything - it's very nice.

Can you tell me about something you've achieved here, that you're proud of?

When I started here, the Big Question was how to get in contact with customers - especially those users with little interest in technology. By observing and learning from them, we can find out what keeps them engaged. Sometimes I wish I could just watch a livestream of our users, to find out how we can make the product better - but of course that's not something we would ever do.

Since I started working here, our team has set up a community of all kinds of users, so we can interact with them and they with each other. This wasn't easy - we tried it before, but it didn't work out. Now we're making real progress and I hope it grows into a community where we can keep testing and researching.

Final question - what advice do you give to new Qubists?

When I started here, I thought I needed to learn everything super quickly. But it's a lot of information and it can be quite overwhelming. So, know that you can approach anyone and that it's OK to take your time.

A warm thank you to Hayad for opening up. Stay tuned for another ‘Meet a Qubist’ soon!