Meet a Qubist


Ellissa - data magician

Team: Efficient home / data science

Role: Data scientist

Age: 24


About Ellissa

Most of my youth I spent in the South of the Netherlands, and I still go back to Maastricht each year for Carnaval. Now I'm happy to live in Leiden where I'm close to the beach and dune area and the city center. In my free time, I play tenor saxophone in a Big Band and Sax Quartet. I also do a lot of sports: I love triathlon, but also bouldering, water- or winter sports.

What do you do at Quby?

I'm a data scientist and machine learning engineer. That means that every bit of information that comes in about things like electricity, heat and water gets combined by me in such a way that we gain new insights, which people at home can use to save energy and make their lives easier.

You get very enthusiastic about your work. What excites you so much about it?

Data can tell us how to help people, without interfering in their lives. What's unique about Quby is that we have been gathering data for so long and from so many people,  we can provide much more specific insights than most comparable companies. One of the coolest things we can with our rich data set is this: in case we know very little about someone, we can match them to people we do know a lot about. This way, we can help someone become more sustainable without actually having a lot of data on them - and we still remain close to reality.

The world of data is always developing, and I love to learn new things. That makes it an inherently interesting subject to me. And then there's also this feeling with data science of doing these things that have never been done before - pioneering.

How did you come to work here?

After my traineeship in data engineering, I thought back about this Hackathon I joined which was organised by Quby and Eneco. That event immediately made me enthusiastic about data science and about Quby. Quby has large potential to make the world a better place, help people save energy, help companies with the energy transition, and obtain climate goals. So I contacted Stephen (Chief Data Officer) and we had a really great conversation. And now I'm here!

Quby_Hackathon_2019_217 copy.jpg

"Quby has large potential

to make the world a better place, help people save energy, help companies with the energy transition, and obtain climate goals.”

Ellissa and her Hackathon team won 2nd place at the Quby Hackathon 2019 with her idea 'Make Homes Great Again'.


What makes the data science team the best team at Quby?

Everything! We are buddies for life, and I'm feeling this way after only 4 months of working here. At five, some days we just go and grab a beer - and other days we don't stop working until we've solved some data problem! The team is also diverse in age and nationality. Despite me being the only woman on the team, it's a real brotherly feeling.

Can you tell me about something you've achieved here, that you're proud of?

Something that really makes me happy is that I've been able to contribute from day one. Everything I make, ends up at the end user, and in my first week I was already putting bits of my data science into production.

You mentioned sustainability as an important motivation for you. So, how sustainable are you?

As much as I can! I thought, there are three ways to do this: optimise my life, spread the word, and pursue a career in sustainability. I try to live as sustainably as I can. Since I'm renting now, there's little I can do to improve on my home, but we're testing a new thermostat program in my apartment that minimalises gas usage. Once I have my own house, I want solar panels and the whole shebang. And of course I sometimes travel to work by bike instead of taking transit - it's nearly two hours by bike.

Final question - what advice do you give to new Qubists?

I'd say that you should think about what you want to contribute to, in your line of work. You can make a lot of money working for big companies, but here we prepare the world for the times ahead. So what do you find more important?

Thank you Ellissa for your enthusiasm! Stay tuned for another ‘Meet a Qubist’ soon!