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Welcome; game changers and innovators in the world of energy and utilities. Is your business begging to be disrupted? You’ve come to the right place.

We believe the future can be better. Easier, more comfortable, and more sustainable. We help businesses and their customers to make this change, without compromising on the important things in life.


The world around us is changing, faster and faster every day. As a business, just providing your product is no longer cutting it. Here at Quby, we understand better than anyone how hard it can be to adapt your business as fast as these changes are happening.

We can help you do this.

We've created the technology that helps you rise above and beyond your customers’ expectations. We provide this technology to enable your business to play a dominant role in the transformation of the home services domain.


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What we bring to the table

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Patented algorithms continuously refined with near real-time data from over 350.000 users

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Secure a recurring revenue stream with proven willingness to pay

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We understand your customer: we interact with over 350.000 users daily

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Successfully extend your business beyond providing your product

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We succeed in what we do; we have a 33% smart thermostat market share in the Netherlands

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We help you reduce your cost to serve

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Get the most out of Big Data; we gather and use data of over 300 types of sensors to your advantage

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Increase your customer engagement, reviews and ratings


350.000 connected users 

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What our partners say about us

With Toon, we have helped our customers to get more insights about their energy footprint and the levers to reduce their energy consumption.
— Joaquin Fernandez-Caro, Head of Innovation at Repsol Energy and Gas

Partner up!

Now that our technology and services have proven to make every-day life easier, more comfortable and more sustainable for our partner’s customers; we’re ready, willing and able to help your business do the same for yours. Do you want your business play a dominant role in the transformation of the home services domain? Talk to us to find out what we can do for you.