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At Quby, we believe in change: changing industries to services that help people handle every-day challenges. That’s why we created Toon, the smart platform that puts people in charge of their homes. Using technology we give people control over their energy usage, their comfort, the security of their homes, and more. Over 150 professionals at our Amsterdam office are working to create these solutions for homes and offices. Making lives smarter, easier, safer and more comfortable.

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More than a smart thermostat

With the Toon display, you are in control. Toon gives you insight into your energy consumption, so you can start saving. Find out which appliances are the biggest energy wasters, or how this month’s consumption affects your yearly bill. Toon even keeps an eye on your boiler, letting you know when it needs fixing.


Working together for a smarter future

We are paving the way towards a future where smart homes are the standard, but we can’t do it alone. What’s in it for our partners?
– A dialogue with your consumers and a great NPS
– Impressive churn rate cuts
– Positive daily consumer interactions


We're constantly innovating

At Quby, we want to give our users the best experience. That's why we are constantly developing new services. Meet our most recent additions:

Waste Checker finds out which of your appliances are the biggest energy wasters and gives you tips on how to make your home more efficient. 

Boiler Check alerts you when your boiler is malfunctioning or due for a check-up, so you can prevent it from breaking down and leaving you in the cold.

Let us show you what we’ve got

Our partners grow and learn alongside us. Interested in providing your company with our solutions?


Read about what we are doing now in our news section